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Connect to a Tibco EMS queue with SSL in .NET

Lionel Lim

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How do you connect to a Tibco EMS queue with SSL

The following snippetreturns an exception "Failed to connect via SSL to [ssl://server:7243]: Failed to connect to the server atssl://server:7243".



String host = "server";

String port = "7243";

String username = "user";

String password = "pass1234";

String certPath = @"C:TestCert.pfx";

String certPass = "abc123";


var connectionFactory = new ConnectionFactory("ssl://" + host + ":" + port);


EMSSSLFileStoreInfo storeInfo = new EMSSSLFileStoreInfo();




connectionFactory.SetCertificateStoreType(EMSSSLStoreType.EMSSSL_STORE_TYPE_FILE, storeInfo);





Connection conn =connectionFactory.CreateConnection(username, password);

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