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How to merge rows with the same value

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hi everybody, i would like to merge rows that have the same value. Otherwise, do the sum for the same values.

For exemple, I've got two colums :

- fruit


if there is same values in row in fruit column, i want to merge them and to sum the values prices corresponding to the fruit column

I will want to merge the rows with the same value in the fruit column and add the corresponding values in the price column into a single box. Basically, group a value if the fruits are the same.

I hope i was clear.

thank you in advance.

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In the SQL Query, you can specify a 'GROUP BY' clause.  What TIBCO Product are you asking this about


But this query, below, is illegal now in the current versions of MySql. The 2nd select expression, f.price, is a non-aggregate. which price


SELECT, f.price
 FROM fruit_table f


Each expression needs to either be referenced in the GROUP BY clause, or used in an aggregate function, as below:


SELECT, SUM(f.price)
 FROM fruit_table f


MySQL 8.0 Reference Manual


Aggregate Function Descriptions

MySQL Handling of GROUP BY

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