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JMX Port Conflict

James Jennings

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Hi all,


Running BusinessEvents 5.4.1 we are attempting to scale out our cache instances from 6 to 12 in order to alleviate thread congestion and poor throughput. We only have 6 physical machines on which to deploy the 12 instances. With two instances on each host we see a port already in use error at startup and that instance shuts down.


JMX port is defined for the Processing Unit. Is there a way to run two instances of the same PU in one host


Thanks for any insights.

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Hi James,

To avoid the JMX port conflict when running multiple processing units on the same machine, you may use a global variable. In your TRA file (default is under $BE_HOME/5.4/bin/be-engine.tra), set..


..where 'JmxPort' is a global variable defined for this project.

Then in your CDD, set in the Properties for the processing unit..


..which would set the JmxPort value to 9001, which would in-turn set the java.property.be.engine.jmx.connector.port value in the TRA. You can do this for each Processing Unit in your CDD.



Jim Mulcahey

TIBCO Support

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