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Running Matching Programatically

Naman Doshi

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Hi ,

I am trying to run matching on one of our table (Account) which has all records in the unmatched state. I want to perform matching operation on all records present in the table.

Had usedMatching API, but after running the code no match operation was performed on the table. Please find below the sample code:


AdaptationHome dataspace = Repository.getDefault().lookupHome(HomeKey.forBranchName("Test"));

Adaptation dataset = dataspace.findAllRoots().get(0);


AdaptationTable table = (AdaptationTable) dataset.get(BatchImportExportPaths._Root_BatchImport._Account);


final Procedure match = new Procedure()



public void execute(ProcedureContext procedureContext) throws Exception


TableContext context = new TableContext(table, procedureContext);

MatchingOperations operations = MatchingOperationsFactory.getMatchingOperations();

MatchingConfigurationOperations operations = MatchingConfigurationOperationsFactory.getMatchingConfigurationOperations();

ExactMatchAtOnceContext exactContext = new ExactMatchAtOnceContext();

operations.exactMatchAtOnceUnmatched(context, exactContext);




final ProgrammaticService matchService = ProgrammaticService

.createForSession(context.getSession(), dataspace);

ProcedureResult result = matchService.execute(match);

OperationException resultException = result.getException();

if (resultException != null)


throw resultException;


if (result.hasFailed())


throw OperationException.createError("Match operation failed.");



Can anyone please suggest how we can run matching programmatically. I could not figure out how to set the process and matching policy that we have configured on the table using API. There is one classProcessPolicyConfigurationContext , but could not find its usage.


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