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Make the words inside the brackets to title case

Marco Cruz

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I have got a rxreplace script here and this changes 'test and test (tat)' to 'Test and Test (tat)', but i also want the brackets inside to be title case, such as 'Test and Test (Tat)'. Can you please help me how to make the word inside the bracket to be case sensitive


RXReplace(Lower('test and test (tat)'),"(^[a-z]| [a-z]|(^[a-z]))","\U$1","g"),

"(!^)(A|An|The|This|And|But|Or|For|Nor|At|On|In|For|Since) ","\L$1 ","g")

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By slightly reworking the first part of your expression it seems to do what you wanted, at least for the example provided:

RXReplace(RXReplace(Lower('test and test (tat)'),"\b([a-z])","\U$1","g"),"(!^)(A|An|The|This|And|But|Or|For|Nor|At|On|In|For|Since) ","\L$1 ","g")

I put a word boundary \b there so it should match any transition from a non-word character to a word character. Seems ok also for matching the start.

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