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Please refer to {TIBCO BusinessWorks Container Edition (BWCE) with Docker, Kubernetes and CloudFoundry}

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How is Docker Container , using BWCE image to run BW6 process's , controlled or managed by BWagent Does BWCE havean overall impact on BW6 architecture Are other BW6 Components like TEA , BWagent , BWadmin ( CLI ) running in their own Dockers/Images What about Internal transport between these - i.e. Activespaces , EMS BW6 has not fully discontinued using Adapters , it is still using ActiveDB Adapter How would the Adapter be run , Would it have its own Image Any relevant , crisp documentation on these queries
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Hi, when using BWCE the BW 6.X architecture components (bwagents, TEA, bwadmin, EMS transport and 'bwagent DB' ) are not used. The BWCE containers are managed by a container management solution like Kubernetes or Openshift that somehow replace the BW 6.X infrastructure components.

The only other component running as a container is bwce-mon that supports some of the TEA monitoring capabilities.

In BW 6.X context adapters have now been all replaced by Plugins, there is a plugin version of the ADB Adapter. Plugins are additional palettes to BW and are running within the BW JVM.

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Thanks Emmanuel . I think that is where other Cloud Based ESBs have advantage . 


On-premise and Cloud environment should be similar to max . possible extent with little or no impact of  enveloping Container and/or Cloud environment.


The interface that TEA  provides is unmatched in terms of user-friendliness providing   single-window administration solution , although I have not seen BWCEMon which by its name appears more Hawk-like ( maybe lacking bwadmin capabilities ) .


The distributed , hierarchical , organized architecture  of  Domain  , Appspace , Appnode  is fabulous , which is completely missing in Cloud or Container .


Request TIbco to start a thread on this unformity / Standardization , if possible (even if  it requires more custominsation of the 3 Containers types not only for Appnode runtime but also TEA and Bwagent at least ).


Otherwise , I think many clients would prefer to remain on-premise allured just by TEA .


I assume:


Bwdesign ( maybe  Bwadmin  too )  use in on-premise CI/CD  is equivalent  to maven plug-in use in Cloud CI/CD.

Or maven plug-in can be used for both on-premise and container/cloud based CI/CD .   

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BWCE stands for BusinessWorks Container Edition, basically this is BusinessWorks running in a Container and being managed by the Container management platform (Kubernetes, ...). One the key benefits of using Containers is that you manage all Containers in the same way (TIBCO BW, Java, etc).


BWCE Mon is also a Container component that bring some of the TEA Monitoring features to the Container environment.


Now if you want to keep the BW 6.X architecture and run this in a Cloud environment this is possible in a IaaS approach (Infrastructure as a Service).

In this approach you use Infrastructure components (VMs, databases and Network Load Balancers) managed in the Cloud environment of a Cloud provider (AWS, Azure,...).


You than install, configure and manage BW 6.X and TEA in this environment like you would do on VMs managed in a VMWare environment. We have customers in production in such set-up.


To answer your questions :

. You can use the MAVEN plugin in both on premise and Cloud environments

. You can use Containers in Cloud but also use the IaaS approach and even a PaaS (Platform as a Service) approach with TIBCO TCI offering

. In TIBCO own Cloud our offer is TCI (customers deploy their EAR in an environment managed by TIBCO - It is my understanding it is using Containers internally but this is not visible to the customers)

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