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What is the best way to troubleshoot a "error opening data source Scribe.NAVAdapter.Database fatal error

Manoj Chaurasia

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Werandomly receive this error after we had a vendor upgrade our Scribe Insight Adapter. We're on Scribe Insight (7.9.1) Scribe Adapter for MS Dynamics NAV (1.8.2) Scribe Adapter for NAS (1.8.2) Scribe DataDirect Connect for ODBC 7.9.0 and Scribe Adapter for CRM (5.5.4)


The issue just randomly happens. We've had over 12000 (306 Fatal Errors)in the last 3 months. Intergration Processes works most of the time but randomly the Scribe services will just stop on that server, Application Server for MS Dynamics NAV SCRIBENAS in particular (the 4 other services MonitorServer, MessageServer, EventManager, BridgeServer& AdminServer). When we open up Services that one (ScribeNAS)has the "start the service" option.


We're just looking for best ways to troubleshoot this issue. I've read that we could enable tracing but since this happens so sporadically, I'm not sure if this would help.


The two errors in particular we're seeing is:

"Error opening data source Scribe.NavAdpater (Servername - domain)"

"Error opening data source Scribe.DynamicsCrm5.Adapter.Dynamics.CrmDatabase (URL to our CRM server - domain)"


Please let me know if there is any further information that I can provide.

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Hi Lyndon,


You could turn on tracing in the Scribe Console to troubleshoot the issue but the fact that it happens randomly would cause the trace file to be huge as a few days may go by without the error, making itchallenging to review. You could also check your network to see if its stable, open the dts to ensure it opens up successfully.


Alternatively, you could upgrade Scribe Insight to v7.9.2 which has been verystableand has some checks in place to monitor the Scribe services and restart them if it goes out of sync.


There are some hotfixes that go with 7.9.2, so please reach out to the support team if you decide to go this route.





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