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How to handle string field containing HTML code and quotes

Alejandro Osorio

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I'm trying to generate csv filein which one of the columns contains html code and quotes. After generating the file, format is wrong andI see more columns than the expected. Is there a way to handle HTML as text and scape html entities. So far I could not find a function / connector to achive this.



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Assuming you are using Scribe Online Classic or TCI Connect with a target text connector to generate your csv files for your use case:


- Have you tried the Replace() function or Strip() scribe formula / function to remove ascii control characters or extended characters to remove any possible CRLF(CRand/or LF)ascii characters which could make it difficult to parse/read the csv text formatted line and fileas intended.

- Also using the csv-delimiter with quotation ","or use an alternative delimiter character:

See text qualifier setting here :


Also make sure other settings are correct such as file encoding matching the data encoding in the html content.


I would try with a small example with one record first to see how it works before sending more bigger volume of data thru.

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