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Intermittent Connection issues into TDV Servers

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We have been seeing very intermittent connection issues when connecing to TDV. We do not see any issues in the log. Rebooting the server seems to resolve the issue.

We saw this today after the server was running for 99 days.

We have 3 servers in the cluster.

We are on 8.3.008

Build HF-007


Are there any hotfixes or anythning that could help

Is there some log on the incoming connections to TDV.

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Thanks for your response!


Which logs do you recommend checking  The admin has reviewed these logs "I have looked at ALL the logs in the log directory: cs_server.log, cs_server_events.log, cs_monitor.log, cs_server_client.log and cs_server_status.log"


The main use case for us is to connect from Tibco spotfire to TDV.   We were seeing intermittent issues connecting from spotfire to TDV seeing error : Server was unable to access one or more data sources.: Could not create a connection


We received intermittent errors when connecting to TDV node 3  via the  TDV Studio and also Intermittent errors connecting to TDV using squirrel(jdbc).     







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Hi Chris,


Have you also checked the logfiles on the node manager server 3 In particular the nm.log and the logs


It is a bit strange that only this node has intermittent issues. Do you connect to TDV (from Spotfire) using information links Or do you use the direct connection (ODBC based)


If you are using information links, you are using the csjdbc.jar file. And it may be that you need the latest version of this jar file. 


Kind regards,


David Boot-Olazabal

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