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Is there a way limit the visibility of resources within the Web UI to only what is already published

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We are looking to provide the TDV 8.4's new Web UI functionality to our users which have various levels of expertise (not just developers), and we would like them to see only the resources that are published, and not see any resources in the Shared areas (which may or may not be published). We have been unable to sucessfully limit the view of the resources in the 'Shared' folder, particularly for those resources who are within the lineage of a published resource. We want to be able to limit users to see and use only what is published. Is there a way to do this
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This could be done by pproviding access to the the published view but not giving recursive access to the the dependencies.

Now, for users to be able to select/read/.. data - also provide access to the unpublished dependencies views but don't provide the 'view' access.

Doing so will allow them to SELECT/READ data when the published view is called but will still hide the dependenciesfrom the folder sturcture.

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