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DatePicker in SPOTFIRE 11.5 with JQUERY UI not working

Raviraj Sst

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Hi there,

Check if you have this line at the top of your date picker script:

var $ = window.CustomJQuery;In 11.4 and earlier, this was not needed but in 11.5 it is as jQueryUI has been deprecated in Spotfire.

Note that the example of how to include your own jQuery and jQueryUI only has a small subset of the CSS from jQueryUI in it. So you may find the date picker is missing its styles. To fix this, copy the entire CSS or the parts you need from the jQueryUI CSS and replace the CSS in your script that adds jQuery and jQueryUI.

Note that if you want to include multiline CSS in your script, you need to enclose it in these quotes ` rather than the normal ' quote.

Hope this helps


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Thanks for the response .Even after adding the linevar $ = window.CustomJQuery; the date picker is not showing up in the report .i referred the linkSpotfire input field with calendar filter Algorhythm ( create the date picker ..i have added the jquery and jquery UI libraries as mentioned inHow to include your own instances of jQuery and jQueryUI in Text Areas | TIBCO Community.


Attached the HTML script and PFB function

var $ = window.CustomJQuery;

function datePicker_onSelect(selectedDate){

$("#dt input").focus();

$("#dt input").blur();






showOn: 'button',

buttonImageOnly: true,

buttonImage: '',

//minDate: "-24M", maxDate: "+0D",

changeMonth: true,

changeYear: true,

//altField:"#dt input",




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