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Unable to run domainutility in Linux

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I am setting up one tibco environment in Linux machine. I have installed tra,bw,rv,hawk,jre,tpcl and admin. Now I need to create the domain.

I have gone to /tibco/tra/5.5/bin folder and ran ./domainutility. But I am getting the following error.


-bash-3.2$ ./domainutilityException in thread "main" java.awt.HeadlessException:No X11 DISPLAY variable was set, but this program performed an operation which requires it. at java.awt.GraphicsEnvironment.checkHeadless( at java.awt.Window.( at java.awt.Frame.( at java.awt.Frame.( at javax.swing.JFrame.( at com.tibco.administrator.wizard.WizardDialog.( at com.tibco.administrator.du.DomainUtility.( at com.tibco.administrator.du.DomainUtility.a( at com.tibco.administrator.du.DomainUtility.main($ pwd/internet/apps/tibco/tra/5.5/bin

Please note that I don't have Citrix XWindows.

Can you please help me how to run this domainutility from Linux




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Hi Sripad,

Thanks for the info. I am now able to create the domain. My Tibco admin is up now and I have deployed one process there. But the problem is that the process is not getting started. When I am trying to start the process, It it is trying for some time and then showing as Stopped. Any clue on that




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The DISPLAY variable must be set to the IP address or name of the computer (on which the installer graphics window are to be displayed), followed by a screen address, which can be :0.0 . For example:




DISPLAY=:0.0; export DISPLAY




export DISPLAY=:0.0




setenv DISPLAY :0.0


This is specified in all product's Installation FAQs and Troubleshooting document.


else u can also use commandlineutility domainutilitycmd which you can find under tra5.6bin.

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