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nullpointer exception on startup

Frank Xu

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We try to install tibco-ebx 5.9.13 on RHEL 7, and an empty db was created (postgresql 11) and created a ebx db user with oowner deployed service on the 2 nodes successfully, however when the ebx starts, it encountered a nullpointer exception after showing the repository is ready.


INFO log.kernel 1103:0038 [ebx-boot] EBX repository is ready!

-----------------------EBX REPOSITORY-----------------------

Repository identity : 0053CBBDE78C

Repository label : tibcoebx01

Store format : 2.0:postgresql:100:2048

Store location info : JNDI data source jdbc/EBX_REPOSITORY

Repository ownership : unique - 1000 ms

Current repository ownership connection: id=12; state='Owner'; conf='unique - 1000 ms'.

Database product name : PostgreSQL

Database product version : 11.11

JDBC driver name : PostgreSQL JDBC Driver

JDBC driver version : 42.2.18

Estimated number of records in EBX_HOM : ~1

Estimated number of records in EBX_TAR : ~0

Estimated number of records in EBX_ATB : ~0

Estimated number of records in EBX_HTA : ~0

Estimated number of records in EBX_BLK : ~0

Number of dataspaces : 1

Number of snapshots : 0

Number of open dataspaces : 1

Number of open snapshots : 0

Cache hashcode : #f2cdced


Repository content, summary by dataset reference:

2021-11-23 21:22:17,990 AEDT INFO log.kernel 1103:0038 [ebx-boot] Shutting down repository cache o[]@f2cdced...

2021-11-23 21:22:17,990 AEDT ERROR log.kernel 1103:0038 [ebx-boot] Stopped repository boot thread, because of the following exception:


at com.onwbp.adaptation.p.(

at com.onwbp.adaptation.o.a(

at com.onwbp.adaptation.hx.b(

at com.onwbp.adaptation.hx.o(

at com.onwbp.adaptation.CfRepositoryBootThread.b(

at com.onwbp.adaptation.CfRepositoryBootThread.a(



Can anyone advise what might have caused the nullpointer exception


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