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how to use client side certificate to call secured Rest services

Pravin Irwadkar 3

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Dear Guru's

I have requirement where REST services are running over SSL and i have to consume that services as a client.

Rest Service provider provided me Client side certificate.

how i can configure the client side SSL certificate to call the REST services using Invoke REST API palette as i dont see SSL configuration option anywhere on this BW Activity .

Many Thanks in advance.


Pravin Irwadkar

+971 556110151

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Hi Pravin,

To use the SSL certificate from Client Side, we have to specify the SSL client configuration shared resource in the HTTP Clientshared resource(in screenshot 1)that we point to from the invoke rest activity.

TheSSL client configuration shared reource further points to Keystore Provider shared resource(in screenshot 2)that points to the client certificates in .jks format(in screenshot 3)

Note: we need to create a .jksfile from the client certificates using keytool.exe.

I have attached the screenshots for the same.

Hope this helps.

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