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Neha Jha

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Right now there is no BusinessWorks plugin available for Apache Kafka. You have two options:


use a Kafka Java Client and add the Java code to a BW process

build your own Kafka plugin (so that you write the code only once and then re-use it in different projects with the visual designer)


With BW6 / BWCE / TCI, both options are pretty simple to do (until TIBCO publishes a Kafka plugin). Java is very well integrated into the IDE and engine.

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TIBCO now offers an Appached Kafka distribution as part of TIBCO Messaging. This means you get seamless integration with the rest of the TIBCO Messaging capabilities like EMS, FTL, eFTL and even other open source messaging capabilities like MQTT. 




For more information check out TIBCO Messaging - Apache Kafka Distribution




In addition to this, we have connectors for Apache Kafka.

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