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Tibco EMS fault tolerance when using an external load balancer like F5

Abhilash Gadila

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Hey Guys,

Can anyone advise how does the EMS fault tolerance work when we use an external loadbalancer for each of active and standby instances. Setup explained below

server1 - active

server2 -standby

F5-LB1 -> tcp://server1:7222

F5-LB2 -> tcp://server2:7222

external JNDIurl : tibjmsnaming://F5-LB1,tibjmsnaming://F5-LB2

ConnectionFacory Def:tcp://server1:7222,tcp://server2:7222, tcp://F5-LB1,tcp://F5-LB2

My question, regardless of server1 or server2 being active, the network load balancer, always keep the LB1 and LB2 up as the tcp healthcheck is successful [7222 port is up for active and standby instances]

In the case when we failover from server1 to server2, how does it work for the client JNDI lookup URL [tibjmsnaming://F5-LB1,tibjmsnaming://F5-LB2] will the load balancer always send the requests to F5-LB1as it is passing health checks at tcp level or will it inherently understand that the 1st URL[tibjmsnaming://F5-LB1] is not working and move to the nextURL [tibjmsnaming://F5-LB2]

NOTE: The reason why we are using an external loadbalancer for active and standby is for possibility for adding more servers to it in the future.

Is using an external network load balancers like f5 a recommended practice Do we have any documentation around that



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