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GridServer upload via API

Diego Jesus

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I am trying to use the Java SDK for DataSynapse 6.2.0 to upload some compressed gridlib files to the server. However I have the following error:


You cannot deploy to a Standalone Broker

at com.livecluster.core.plugin.AdminAPIClientPlugin.sendInternal(AdminAPIClientPlugin.java:133)

at com.livecluster.core.plugin.AdminAPIClientPlugin.send(AdminAPIClientPlugin.java:144)

at com.livecluster.core.plugin.AdminAPIClientPlugin$AdminImp.send(AdminAPIClientPlugin.java:163)

at com.livecluster.core.plugin.AdminAPIClientPlugin$ServiceAdminImp.uploadResource(AdminAPIClientPlugin.java:817)

at com.natixis.DSGridLibUploader.main(DSGridLibUploader.java:26)


But if I go to the same URL I configured to be the primary director for the SDK, I am able to upload the gridlibs via the interface. Do anyone know why

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