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Tibco Administrator User Information

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I want to know where (and how) exactly the user information is stored by Tibco Administrator in a non-LDAP based configuration.

My purpose is to do an audit of the users against there roles. Since there are a lot of domains (close to 100) involved and manually checking each of some 80 odd users will consume too many work hours.

If anyone has any information on retreving the user details (w/o using tibco admin GUI) please let me know.


Thanks in advance.



Mohit Chopra

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I'm in a quite similar situation. We are working on migrating the current database-based domain to a new LDAP-based domain, and we need to get a list with the current users and their associated roles to migrate them to LDAP users/groups since we have a lot of users and doing this migration manually is unaffordable.


Is it posible to get this information consulting the domain database tables


Thanks in advance. Best regards.


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