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"All rows" in Query Operator on Ordered Primary Index of Query Table with duplicates on the index field returns only one row

Sharad Honavar

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I have aQuery Table which I populated from a simple csv(see example below). In Query Tabledefinition, I have a Ordered (btree) Primary Index(int) on a field which has duplicate datarows for the field. I also have a Secondary (btree) Index on another field. Now in the Query OperatorI do a READ operation

"Where": "All Rows" ;

"Order By" : "Primary Index", "Ascending";

"Limit" 100

But a run returns only one record for each unique Primary key for the higest Secondary index value of all duplicate index values of the Primary INdex.


1) So The "All Rows" is not what it says in the Query Operator doc page:"Selects all rows, independent of keys."

2) Will the WRITE enforce Uniqueness of the Primary keys defined by the Primary Index






fld1(Primary), fld2(Secondary), fld3

3, 4, alpha

3,4, beta

3, 5, gamma

5,1, theta

5,2, delta

5,4, omega

READ All Rows returns (3,5, gamma) and (5,4,omega)

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