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How to build ear file for BW project using NAnt

Manoj Chaurasia

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I installed NAnt-0.85 and tried building ear file for tibco BW project.


Please find the build file attached. I have put this file under D:nant-0.85bin


I tried executing the below command.


D:nant-0.85bin>nant -buildfile:build.xml


The build was successful , but couldnt find any file created in the specified location.


When i tried executing the command in command prompt with following , it was successful. Able to view the ear file created.

C:TIBCOtra5.5bin>buildear -s -ear /DeploymentResources/Proj1.archive -o C:earsdeploymentProj1.ear -p C:TIBCOprojectsProj1


Kindly help me what could be the problem. Is the build command i am giving is incorrect


Many Thanks

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Hello Shripad,

Came along this interesting thread ...


And out of curiosity,wanted to know if PSG , or even BW Eng. team, have developed a tool for automating the build and deployment for TIBCO BW, and may be BE as well.

I've been working on bringing a CI in-house solution for BW; I can see that a lot of people are trying to do this somehow, and was very curious to know the tricks, the pitfalls , problems that people have faced during this. And how far utilities like buildear, validateproject , appmanage have helped them ...


Thankful for sharing ,



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I am not sure whether you need to pass target name for NAnt as well.

I used apache ant and passed target name "create-ear" as parameter and it worked.


Just make sure that in ur build.xml file you add two more arguments.

(Just make sure that there are "two" hyphens )


Because if you are not running buildear from tra5.bin directory then you need to provide path of tra(configuration) file.


Let us know how it goes.




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