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Do you have experience with CI/CD pipelines for EBX development

Marek Matejka

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Do you have any experience with enabling automated CI/CD within EBX development

We support several projects in EBX. We develop on our local instances of EBX and commit code to a git. We spend a lot of time with manual tests, deployment, and release. Not to mention that we have a lot of problems keeping our dev environment working.

We would like to automate CI/CD pipeline and leap to 21th century way of software development. There is no material on the Internet on the subject. That`s why I am asking here.

I would like to hear about what tools do you use. How is your CI/CD pipeline setup How does your development process look like Who does help you to set it up

Any commets appreciated.

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We use all these things to run an end to end automatic deployment.

1. Ebx Dev artifacts services for import and export operations of artifacts.

2. Gitlab for version control and CI/CD pipeline configuration. I also have seen the same working with Azure Devops as well.

3. A simple script for import artifacts.

You might need to contact the vendor for a resource that could help you with the ebx services.

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