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Apache Kafka 6.0.0 - Community Edition plug-in is available now!

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TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks Plug-in for Apache Kafka 6.0.0 - Community Edition is available now.

The plug-in provides the main features given below:

Kafka Connection Shared Resource

Kafka connection shared resource is used to connect and fetch the list of topics from Kafka server. The shared resource is used by the other activities for configuring the connection.

Kafka SendMessage Activity

This activity sends message to the Kafka consumer. This activity performs as Kafka producers which sends the message to a specified topic and consumer can fetch the message from the specified topics.

Kafka ReceiveMessage Activity

This activity is a process starter activity that starts the process based on the receipt of Kafka messages.


Plug-in is currently supported with

TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks 6.3.4 - 6.3.5 &

TIBCO BusinessWorks Container Edition 2.2.x

Plugin can be downloaded from -

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How can I get access to the code under the bonnet of this plugin As this is a community plugin, so I should be able to edit the code as per my requirements.

I can't figure out the option where code is accessible. Could anyone please point me the right direction BW version I am using - 6.3.5

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This is a community edition plugin developed by TIBCO and hence the source code is not available of these plugins. Community edition plugin means this is an unsupported plugin but developed by engg.Please let us know what enhancements or features you can looking for in this plugin. We can discuss this further.
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