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Does TIBCO EMS support XA transaction

Hena Srivastava

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We would like to know if Tibco ems can be used as an xa transaction manager with Postgresql as a resource manager(or any other resource manager). Do we need to use Tibco BW as transaction manager

If so, could you please let us know howcan we get Tibco BW community/trial edition and if you can provide some samples with the configuration.


Hena Srivastava

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TIBCO EMS includes an XA resource manager but not an XA transaction manager.

Also the Transaction Manager formerly supported in BW 5.X context is no longer supported.

One possible solution would be to use a PostGres Transaction Manager if available, otherwise you can take the approach to do 'chain commit' (commit the EMS message once the database commit is done) with some kind of deduplication mechanism managed in the application logic.

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