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How to I create a calculated column for prior week ("dd", -*,DateTimeNow())

David Youngquist 3

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I am interested in comparing average data from current week (last 7 days) and the week prior (7 days before current week). I am able to calculate out the current week using the following calc column:

Current Week =


when [end]>DateAdd("dd",-7,DateTimeNow()) then Avg([Count(emission_rate)]) OVER (Intersect([node_name],LastPeriods(7,[end])))

else NULL


Prior Week = (I've tried using the following)


when [end]>DateAdd("dd",-14,DateTimeNow()) and [end]

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Hello David,


This question appears to be very similar to the other one you created around the same time - https://community.tibco.com/questions/how-do-i-create-calculated-column-prior-week-dd-datetimenow - where there is now an active discussion. Unless you see a need for this question to remain as well, I suggest that further activities are done in the other question.


Best Regards

Fredrik Rosell

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