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Some projects in workspace not showing on "Select Dependency" when Adding Dependency

Sharad Honavar

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Quite new to the product. When I do an Add Dependency either through the pom.xml or the menu item, it brings up the "Select Dependency" dialog, where I enter the Pattern com.apps.abc.. , where all my projects are defined. But it only shows a subset of the projects in my workspace, regardless of wheter the added from/to project is a Liveview project or Streambase. I tried rebuiliding the Workspace local repository in the Maven View but it did nothelp. This prevents me from importing interfacies/schemas etc from those projects.

Thank You

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I could add the the dependency after correcting the artifactID in the POM file which did not match project name(I must have given it a different ArtifactID than the project name at creation), but now it does not show up in  Add Imports from another project to which this dependency was added. I rebuilt the indices. 
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