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when using Instance.updateInstance console stuck at Generating XSDs......

anouar bakri

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On which version are you experiencing this issue

There was an issue onInstance.updateInstance()reported in BE 5.2.2 which is fixed in 5.3.0. Check from the release note and see if it matches your case:

Closed issue:5.3.0 BE-23352 NullPointerException was encountered while calling the Instance.updateInstance() function, when two agent instances were added to a single processing unit.

If it does not match your case, please provide more details on the issue. Share your test project and complete debug log for checking.

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Hi Hui Cheng 




I can't reproduce the problem sorry for that.


I'm using tibco be, my processing unit was configured as an inference and cache PU in the same time and the problem was encountred when trying to update a String Array property of concept using Instance.updateInstance.


at the end I refactored my code to update that array using java code instead of xpath.




Best Regards











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