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Create block gives Object not set to instance of an object

Trezor Owens

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I've followed the steps in the following two documents for how to set up my connectors and I got the authentication to work properly. I granted full access to the AAD app in the second link. Yet a flow that was working yesterday doesn't work with the updated Dynamics Nav connector. I don't see an alternative to using the create block either. The ID field isn't set on creating a sales order in BC because BC is supposed to handle the creation of the new record, and that has been working like I said for a year up until today. Any tips or advice on troubleshooting or workarounds would be appreciated. The lookups work, it is just the create block. I believe I've ruled out authentication issues.

TIBCO Scribe Online Connector For Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central / NAV (scribesoft.com)

Service-to-service authentication for automation APIs in Business Central 2020 release wave 2 Kauffmann @ Dynamics 365 Business Central




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