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"an existing instance of BWAppNode is already running please terminate the java process"

tib 555

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Hi am facing the following issue in BW6 at the time of loading the process for debugging/running. "an existing instance of BWAppNode is already running please terminate the java process" i checked task manager but i found no java instances are running, i stopped all other BW services and i also tred re-istalling the product but still facing the same issue. i also tried to stop the AppNode but no use.can someone please give me the solution. thanks in Advance
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Hi there

Any update on this issue

I think several are having this problem very often, and the only 'solution' that we have is restarting the machine, which obviously should not be the answer.

I already tried with the bwadmin application, but we can start and stop formal AppNodes if are part of an AppSpace, so is not capable to see the temporary AppNode created during debugging time.

Please TIBCO Team fix this issue asap, or provide a much better and elegant solution. Maybe there is a simple command to kill the local AppNode created by the debugger.



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Hi, the problem is solved for me by checking the port number on which your BWAppNode is running.In my case some other services are running on the same port which is used by tibco BW.so i suggest you to check your port once.
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(CAUSE) This happens when you close the IDE while it's in debugging/running mode.

If you're in a rush, just restart your machine., This will kill it.

You may try to end all java processes in your task manager, but sometimes it doesn't work.

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As this comes up on internet searches....


If you check Run configuration > Arguments > VM Arguments in Eclipse business studio, you can see that there exists a VM argument named '-Dorg.osgi.service.http.port=8090'. This parameter specifies BW AppNode's HTTP port. The port specified for this argument is used by the BW Management APIs to communicate with the AppNode i.e JVM OS process. If the port specified in this argument is already in use by any other appnode or any other OS process, Business Studio cannot launch the appnode and present this warning message. You can use "netstat -an" or external tool such as 'Cports' to check if the port that you want to use in Business Studio is being used by another process. You can then either free up that port or assign a new one in Studio.

One of the common cases this warning can be seen is BusinessStudio crash while the application is running or being debugged. In such cases, the eclipse process is crashed, however; the appnode's OS process still runs in the background, still occupying the port. In such cases, if the workspace is restarted and the user tries to start/debug the application, they will see this warning. In such cases, the user can simply search the existing running appnode process and kill it to re-launch the application.

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