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BW6 exporting EAR file with shared modules error: no xsd for this imported location

Kamilia Jaber

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Hello everyone,

I have a Tibco BW6 project that depends on the other two shared Modules (projects). one of them has schemas.

On the normal development mode, everything is working fine as expected, but when I export the Application as EAR file to deploy it, I faced the following issues:

1- during the exportEAR file, I have the following error "Projects may have missing artifacts in "build.properties" file. Do you want to continue".please check the attached image "Tibco_error1"

2- during the deployment I have the following error:

com.tibco.bw.cache.runtime.CacheException: . com.tibco.bw.cache.runtime.CacheException: TIBCO-BW-WSDL-CACHE-500008: [bundleentry://577.fwk358847552/Service%20Descriptors/IntegrationMappingServices.wsdl]: no xsd for this imported location [bundleentry://577.fwk358847552/../SharedDB/Schemas/System.xsd] with targetnamespace [http://www.example.org/System]

please check attached image "Tibco_error2"

So it seems that the EAR was unable tofind the Schema in the shared module. any idea to fix the issue

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I had the same error. To fix it I found that in file .config project name was incorrect.

In BW it has name Test_Some_Integration but in .config:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><config:ProjectConfig xmlns:config="http://www.tibco.com/XPD/projectConfig"> <projectDetails id="test_some_integration"> <globalDestinations/>...........

Best regards,

Oleksii Kovalenko

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