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Scroll Bar Categorical Axis Scatter Plot/Gantt Chart

Robin Olierook

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Is it possible to add a scroll bar to a scatter plot with a categorical Y axis so that the chart does not become overly cluttered when there are many values


Within our company, we are still working with version 10.10.3. Therefore, I cannot use the Gantt Chart mod yet. However, this mod has a scroll bar functionality built in, which ensures that only a subset of values is displayed at any given time. Can I include such a scroll bar for a scatter plot as well Perhaps via an IronPython scriptTo clarify, a zoom slider still includes all values by default, therefore I'd prefer using a scroll bar.


Just to illustrate, I have attached an example of a scatter plot for which I would like to add a scroll bar on the y-axis, so that instead of around 40 values, only 15 are displayed at any given time.

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