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Tibco BW - IBM MQ unused connection issue AKA "MQRC_MAX_CONNS_LIMIT_REACHED"

Simon Zemljak

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Hi, we are dealing with unused open connections problem. The error we get from MQ server is:

TIBCO-BW-PALETTE-MQ-500202: Error connecting to queue manager: [{port=XXXX, hostname=XX.XX.X.X, channel=SYSTEM.DEF.SVRCONN} MQRC_MAX_CONNS_LIMIT_REACHED]-{ActivityName=Put, ProcessName=XXX.ProcurmentDocumentsSyncingMqPut, ModuleName=procurement-lib}

MQ administrator constantly repeats itself; You have to close unneeded connections. At this time we don't know how to do this. Is there any setting or possibility to add feature "CloseMqConnection" at MQ Pallete We would like to implement it after the successful MQ PUT.


In attachment is our PUT activity, which produces too much unused opened connections what leads to the problem described above:

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