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Dynamically configuring the Shared Configuration

Manoj Chaurasia

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Hi All,


How can we configure any Shared Resources Configuration dynamically.

My requirement is to configure an FTP Connection by passing to it the configuration parameters at run time (will be different for each process instance).

Using global variable to configure the FTP Conenction wont be feasible , as global variables cannot be changed at run time.

So I wanted to know if there is feasibility of configuring the FTP Connection by passing Process Variables.

Also Kindly suggest if any other approach can server the purpose for me.


Thanks in advance.



Prashant Shetty

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You can not change parameters of Shared Configuration resource dynamically at run time.

If you have declared these parameters as Global Variable, you can change it at run time(Once only when you start the engine through command line. After engine is in RUNNING state, you can't change this Global Variable.)


However, some palettes gives you facility to override these parameters at run time

FTP is one of them.

In FTP Palettes, in INPUT tab, you can specify connection parameters at run time which will override values of FTP Connection resource.


Hope this helps




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