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RS.log exceptions. IBFS:/WFC/Repository/Getting_Started

Toby Mills

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I opened a case and was told that the 8207.28.10 release has a fix for the rs.log showing a bunch of java exceptions.

I was surprised to see a .10. I have .07 and knew of .09 but not .10.

Anyway, it exists!

8207.28.10 Client Release Notes

8207.28.10 Reporting Server Release Notes

My issue with rs.log revolves around this default setting:




The default of this isIBFS:/WFC/Repository/Getting_Started but if you don't use the Cloud or Integrated Install, this won't be a real IBFS path name in your repository. This leads to a lot of exceptions in rs.log.

I changed mine to a Common folder that EVERYONE has permission to read. That made the errors go away in .07.

If you click the blue mark for help on this, it's really thorough but incorrect. I continued to get exceptions even if I put a single blank space in this field.

As a workaround for you if you are hitting this - just make a folder that EVERYONE is allowed to read, then don't worry about putting anything in it. That will clear up your rs.log. Or install a newer version.

Thus endeth my first post of a question where I got to try out inserting a screenshot and URL's to documentation.

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Some feedback on my own post. I can't see the screenshot I pasted in when I revisit the post.


In case you can't see it either, this is the setting under the Client Admin console / Application Settings / BI Portal.


Default List Repository Path (IBI_DYNAMIC_LIST_PATH)


Also it appears the 2 release notes list of fixes is actually all the same things. So no need to have both Release Notes pdf's that I posted above.

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