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When to use BusinessWorks, Flogo or NOde.js App

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We are currently looking to onboard few applications on our tibco platform and we will be following API-led Integration. Upon looking on our options, we could see that there are three ways to do it for our requirement:

Create business works app

Create a Flogo app

Create a NodeJS app

I was wondering what is the difference among the above and what is the benefit one gets over each other.

Any link or points would be appreciated.


Thank you,


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Hi Shobhit,

BusinessWorks is a very capable integration product and as such handles use-cases around XML processing such as SOAP. If your integrations deal with any XML processing requirements then BusinessWorks is your first port of call. It also supports JSON processing OOTB, so you can mediate to/from XML-and-JSON and visa versa and also handle other forms of structured data such as fixed or delimeted.

Flogo is JSON/REST-native, no XML or structured data processing capability. If you're consuming/producing just JSON/REST as part of your integration process logic then i'd go with Flogo first. It's super easy to use and you can hit 100% productivity within minutes.

Both Flogo and BW come with a wide range of connectors on our marketplace.

NodeJS allows any edge cases to be considered, it's a build everything yourself tool. I've yet to use it myself as both BusinessWorks and Flogo have met all needs when it comes to building API-led integrations.

All three allow you to build API-Led integrations, it's just driven by your use-case.

Obviously the power of TIBCO Cloud Service Mesh is that you can build complex integration processes using all three capabilities based on what you want and have your system-level APIs exposed over the service mesh for consumption in process layer logic which in turn can be quickly-and-easily exposed through TIBCO Cloud API Management (Mashery) in a matter of seconds!

Hope this helps.



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