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BW Process of type [null] Error - intermittently being encountered

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Hi Everyone - Good day!

I am currently working with one of our QA environments. I'm hoping anyone can help me with the ongoing issue right now.

Here is the error:

com.tibco.workflow.bwserviceagent.WfServiceAgentException: "BW Process of type [null] could not be started for task [task_name] in job [job_details]"

at com.tibco.workflow.bwserviceagent.CallProcessAgent.start(Unknown Source)

at com.tibco.workflow.bwserviceagent.AgentHelper.processReadyTask(Unknown Source)

at Source)

Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException

at com.tibco.workflow.bwserviceagent.MapperCache.fillCallInfo(Unknown Source)

at com.tibco.workflow.bwserviceagent.MapperCache.fillCache(Unknown Source)

at com.tibco.workflow.bwserviceagent.MapperCache.getCalledProcess(Unknown Source)

at com.tibco.workflow.bwserviceagent.CallProcessAgent.init(Unknown Source)

... 3 more


The error is intermittently being encountered.

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