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infinite messages to $sys.undelivered and main Queue when useing JMS_TIBCO_PRESERVE_UNDELIVERED

Kamilia Jaber

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I'm using Tibco BW6 with Tibco EMS, and I'm trying to build a failover mechanism for my application as follows:

1- Use JMSRecieverMessage to pull a message from my Queue, and handle it, It should be checked 3 times, if failed, I should send it to $sys.undelivered Queue.

2- I have configured my queues.conf and setmaxRedelivery=2 .

3- I have used a JMSSendMessage to set a new property withJMS_TIBCO_PRESERVE_UNDELIVERED = 'true'

* I have attached all images for my configurations.

When I run the application to handle one message on the queue, it goes on an infinite loop by pulling messages and pushing messages on both the original (source) Queue and$sys.undelivered Queue.

However, when I removedJMSSendMessage, it works fine with the count, pull the message and consume it 3 times, then remove it from the queue.


Please advise

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