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Tibco BW6, handle messages Failover with EMS

Kamilia Jaber

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I'm new to both EMS, and Tibco BW6, and i was distributed between different answers on the failover mechanism here,

What I need is to

1- pull a message from a queue

2- handle the message, if failed, route it to another "replay Queue 1".

3- after a specific time, the message from "replay Queue 1" should be sent back to the main queue, and reprocessed again, if failed, it should be sent to "replay queue 2"

4- after another specific time, the messages in "replay queue 2" should be sent back to the main queue.

5- if the message failed after that it should be sent to the dead letter queue.


Can we do this process in Tibco, by configurations or should I build it manually

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