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Backend host whitelistening in waiting state

Karl Ferk

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I'm trying ot add a new domain to available backend hosts to be used as API endpoint. Now the new domain entry is in state 'waiting' for over 2 days.According to documenation this needs to be checked by Support Team and in another post it was mentioned that this normally is done within 24 hours.

As this is way past the time and I wouldn't know anywhy how the support team would ask back in case of any question I would like to know if there's a way to trigger this, an official approach to get in contact with the guys that verify the domain or how backend host verification is done at all.

Any info or help would be appreciated.

And if anyone reading this needs this info:

Area UUID: 8e80b6ee-b0e3-490d-a39b-7a88d2f84e94

Area ID: 591


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