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Error while pushing API Integration app to API management

Shobhit Singh 4

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Hi All,

I am using trial license of Tibco cloud Integration and Tibco API management. I have create a Sample app in the API mock and model and created an app from this. I have also set the visibility to private. Now, while creating an API definition from this Mesh Endpoints, I am getting below error:

Domain 'b4d2479d571cfe6a6bc80ffd5a-integration.cloud.tibcoapps.com' is not whitelisted.


Under Domains, I could seeintegration.cloud.tibcoapps.comdomain suffix whilelisted:


I am not sure how to get past this error as I could not fiund any documentation. Do you know what is the issue here.


Thanks in Advance,

Shobhit Singg

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