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Business Studio : Error while calling sds.generateDeploymentScript

Shrijeet Sinha

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Hi ,

I am in to weird problem coming only on LINUX machine where when i runsds.generateDeploymentScript task of studio i am getting below error whcih is complaining about the path of DAA location.

My Ant target:










[exec] /home/tibco/AMX-BPM-AUTOMATION-PROJECT/Deploy/generateBuildScript.xml:9: Could not find daa at L/tibco/AMX-BPM-AUTOMATION-PROJECT/Deploy/DAA/ssiproc.daa


YOu can see in Error logs , alphabet "L" is automatically coming in path at runtime and thats why it is giving error.

Any help why on linux it is adding "L" before daaLoc value at runtime on its own.

I am using business studio BPM edition 4.1


Shrijeet Sinha

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The L prefix is not the problem, it's the result of logging an org.eclipse.resources.IFile object - it's just what the toString() : String method emits, nothing to worry about.

The problem lies elsewhere - possibly an issue with permissions Does the DAA file exist at that location and is it readable to the security principal under which you are executing the ant script

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