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Axis value Range for Dual Scale

Shri G

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Hello All,

I have a trend graph with dual scales for Y- axis.

Left scale : Blue and Yellow Lines Right Scale: Green Line


Please find the below screenshot for the same.


I want these Y axis values in specific range. As we can see I have '1 M' number only on right scale. Can we show it as 1M, 1.5M, 2M....

Can somebody please help me



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I noticed that there has been no responses to this question. Please note the following that increases the chances of receiving a response:


1. To ensure that any responses are relevant for the particular TIBCO product that you are using (or are even noticed by the people monitoring question about a certain product) , please edit the question, and select a product in the Product field.


2. The screenshot appears to be broken.


To add a screenshot, I recommend using one of the following two methods:


a) To add the screenshot inline, use the Media Browser that is available in the toolbar when writing/editing a post.


b) To add the screenshot, in the Attachments section, add a new file.




Best Regards



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