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Curve Plot with KPI Target Line

Benjamin S

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Hello Community,

I have currently a self-set objective which I am struggling to achieve. Maybe someone of you could give me an advice on that.

- I want to create a plot for KPI visualisation which has a simple value on the y-axis (Maybe a cumulative function) and the date as x-axis (as shown in attached figure).

- I want to set the KPI target value as a document property (because I think that is the most convenient way as input).


The basic framework of the plot should look like the one in the output. A straight-line starting at 0 and moving to the defined KPI value at the end of the year. So the whole year is representing the X-Axis.

This shall be overlayed by the "real data" which looks like this:

ID Start End














Consequently, I want to extract the end date and plot this. The x-axis represents the end-date and the y-axis represents the sum of all IDs closed until then (over Axis.X)


How to set the X-Axis to the full year (e.g. 01.01.2022 - 31.12.2022) Because any column only ranges between e.g. 01.02.2022 and 03.09.2022

How to cumulate the number of "finished" activities until the current X-Axis Value Sum(If(DateDiff("dd",[End],[Axis.X])

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Does nobody have any starting point on how to do this


In the meantime I found out that I am able to use(x*${DocProp}/365) for the drawn KPI curve, but only if the x-axis is set to date (which makes sense). This looks good on a day-chart, but does not on Quarterly level. Is there any way to this in a more clean way

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