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Unable to access tibco docs webpage.


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There are no such known general issues with the TIBCO Docs site. I recommend that you do some testing to try to narrow down potential problem sources. If the problem remains now, after trying again in a new web browser session, here are some high-level suggestions for things to do/test:


1. First, if you have a local IT organization, contact them about this.

2. Clear your cookies and cache.

3. Confirm if the issue is specific to your account, your computer, your company. E.g. does any of your colleagues have similar issues

4. You mentionedhttps://docs.tibco.com/- do you have the same issue usinghttps://docs.tibco.com(I removed the trailing slash)

5. Did the issues start occuring at some point (i.e. did it work before) If so, what changed

6. Same issue if you try a different web browser (I recommend Chrome or Firefox)

7. You can find a lot of general suggestions online for how to deal with 403 errors. E.g. see https://www.howtogeek.com/357785/what-is-a-403-forbidden-error-and-how-c...


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