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Moving TDV to the Cloud

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We are runnning TDV on premise for the past years and the vast majority of our data sources reside on-premise. We are thinking about adding a cloud analytics platform / database to our ecosystem. In the future the number of on-prem databases will probably decrease and the data in one or more cloud databases will grow.

The vast majority of our BI tools do also reside on-premise (at this moment).

What are the criteria to define if we would need (temporary for the coming years) an additional TDV instance running in the cloud compared to the option to keep TDV running on-prem and in the future switch to running TDV in the cloud It can be expected that TDV customers would like to join cloud-data with on-prem data. Would it be a wise approach to join cloud and on-prem data in a TDV instance in the cloud and/or a TDV instance on-prem

Thanks for your thoughts!

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Hi Ralf,

It is good practice to keep TDV as close to (the majority of) your data sources in order to keep network costs to a minimum. Luckily TDV's built-in query optimizer already minimizes data transfers.

Having said that, it is technically possible to integrate your cloud data sources with your on-prem TDV installation.

As you gradually shift your data sources to the cloud you might consider adding (a temporary) TDV cloud instance. TDV supports the use case where the output of 1 (i.e. cloud) TDV instance is the input for another (i.e. on prem) TDV instance. You accomplish this is in TDV studio by adding a data source with the type 'Composite' (this is the former name of TDV).

The benefit for doing this is that you can always fulfill data requests, regardless of where the data resides. You still have the flexibility to decide which instance should serve the requests depending on data proximity.

Lastly, rebinding views to other data sources (when they have moved to the cloud) typically help the reuse of existing TDV assets and speeds up cloud migrations.

Hope this helps.

Alain Martens

TIBCO Solutions Engineer - The Netherlands

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