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HTTP Interceptor

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Hi All,

We came across requirement to generate log to enable tracing log E2E. so needs to generates log for following scenarios to support the use case.

- all the attributes received in HTTP request including header attributes to TIBCO

- pass the header attributes available in HTTP header to south bound system in header.

we do understand we can very well do by changing application level - read the attributes , log it and pass to soth bound system

but wanted to generate log in HTTP intercepter level. From HTTP intercepter read attributes in header, log it and send to southbound system in header. how can we achieve this


How can we achieve thishow can we achieve this

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For the first part of your question (log of received HTTP header) you can enable some traces following the explanations in this article :https://community.tibco.com/wiki/how-enable-activity-level-logging-busin...

For the second part about forwarding the received headers to the southbound system this is managed for some fields when using authentication policies. You might found useful elements in the following article :https://community.tibco.com/wiki/how-access-http-headers-while-exposing-...

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