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Is there a way to have TCI managed apps run in a different Azure region

Dean Roberts 2

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We are new TCI customers. When we signed up for a TCI trial, it was provisioned in Azure Washington. The TCI documentation says that this is the only Azure region. I'm being told that this is true but only for monitoring the TCI applications. I'm being told the TCI applications themselves can be hosted in any Azure region and managed by TIBCO. Can anyone confirm or deny the ability to run TIBCO managed BusinessWorks applications in an Azure region other than Washington What I'm wanting provisioned is the necessary TIBCO software to run our BusinessWorks applications in the Azure North Central region so that integration data doesn't go to/from Washington unnecessarily. But I am also wanting to ensure that TIBCO is managing the instance/upgrades rather than the customer.
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Currently, TIBCO cloud (the fully managed service) is only in one US Azure region.

You can choose to deploy your apps in any Azure region of your choice, but it will not be a fully manged service. Management and upgrades will need to be handled at the customer end.

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