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How to implement cascading deletion in my trigger in java


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Iam trying to delete records related to the one that the user is trying to delete because the primary key this table is a foreign key in other tables and I want that when this record is deleted, the others or the key of it migrated are deleted. For this I placed a trigger but I cannot inject an object from the UserServiceEventContext interface knowing that my trigger method has as a parameter an object of type: BeforeDeleteOccurrenceContext. I tried with the three types of injection but it does not work

Table Value


public class ValeurEntity extends BaseEntity {



private String codeRepertoire;




private String codeValeur;



private String descriptionCourte;



Table ValueDescription


public class DescriptionValeurEntity extends BaseEntity {



private String codeRepertoire;



private Integer id;




private String idValeur;




private String codeValeur;




private String langue;



private String descriptionCourte;


And the DAO for entites

public abstract class BaseDAO extends BaseUtil {

private final Adaptation dataset;

private final Path tablePath;

private final UserServiceEventContext anEventContext;


protected BaseDAO(Adaptation dataset, UserServiceEventContext anEventContext) {

this.dataset = dataset;

this.anEventContext = anEventContext;

this.tablePath = this.setupTablePath();



public void delete(List items, boolean triggerActivation) {

Procedure deleteProcedure = (procedureContext) -> {





try {

Iterator var3 = items.iterator();


while(var3.hasNext()) {

T item = (BaseEntity)var3.next();

procedureContext.doDelete(item.getAdaptationName(), false);


} catch (Exception var5) {





UserServiceTransaction transaction = this.anEventContext.createTransaction();






I was thinking that i can use this delete method on the DAO to find all DescriptionValues related to the Value that we need to delete and delete them. But i cannot because in don't know how to inject a UserServiceEventContext in my trigger


I try your solution but it doesn't work:

public class ValueTrigger extends TableTrigger {



public void handleBeforeDelete(BeforeDeleteOccurrenceContext aContext)

throws OperationException {


Session session = aContext.getSession();

Adaptation record = aContext.getAdaptationOccurrence();

if(session.getAttribute("ROOT_OF_CASCADE_DELETE") == null){

session.setAttribute("ROOT_OF_CASCADE_DELETE", record.getOccurrencePrimaryKey());






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