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Failed connect to 'tcp://localhost:7222': error=11

Allen Wang

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I am new to TIBCO product. Just download Tibco_ems_10.1.0, and get Server started as a windows service.

When I tried to use administrator tool through "tibemsadmin -server "tcp://localhost:7222" -user Administrator", I could not find the password, and result into the following error:

"Failed connect to 'tcp://localhost:7222': error=11, message=Server not connected"

Any help is very much appreciated!

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Hello wangal,

Please make sure TIBCO EMS server is up and running (see the related process on Task Manager). Afterwards if you have made no changes to the configuration files, please kindly try to login by using tibemsadmin with username: admin and leaving the password blank (just hit enter) as described in the related documentation you can found here:https://docs.tibco.com/pub/ems/10.1.0/doc/html/GUID-DBEFE24B-13B3-4974-A...



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