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EMC Fault Tolerance - do I need a 3rd party clustering solution

John Wayne

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I know EMS has it's own FT capability built in, but I am always seeing EMS FT being bypassed in favor of a 3rd party cluster solution like VCS or Rehat cluster.

I don't want to use any 3rd party clustering solution to manage either the tibco processes or the shared disk.

Can I just use GFS2 or NAS (NFSv4) to mount the shared filesystem, and then let the EMS FT software take care of detecting when the other node is down, and if so becoming the active node Is this possible or do I have to use some 3rd party clustering software


On a side note, GFS2 does file locking, but I don't know if NAS does - does anybody know if NAS (NFSv4) will handle the file locking for me




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