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Hawk agent with EMS transport fails to connect to HMA bw appnode agent

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I'm trying to configure hawk agent to use EMS as primary transport to connect to hma bw 6 (using bw642) appnode agent.

My understanding isRendezvous is stil required to connect to the hma agent.

Without using EMS is working fine, using only Rendezvous inhawkagent.cfg :

-rvd_session 7474 ; tcp:7474

Appspace setup is :





























I can see the agent from hawk webconsole (agent is in online status) and I can invokeagent methods.

I have problems when I change thehawkagent.cfg file to useEMS as primary transport.

Here what I changed in thehawkagent.cfg file

# -rvd_session 7474 ; tcp:7474

-ems_transport tcp://localhost:7222 admin admin123

-M AMIService

-ami_rvd_session 7474 ; tcp:7474

My understanding is with EMS transport I need to set these AMIService parameters

Hawk agent starts successfully but I cant connect to the appnode agent.

Agent is in offline status in web console.

I tried to changeami_rvd_session parameters but it didn't work.

Is required additional configuration


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I found the issue.

It was an issue of webconsole configuration.

I had to update the fileDomainTransportCfg.xml in webconsoletomcatwebappshawkwebconsoleWEB-INFconf


I enabled the ems transport and commented RV transport section.

Note : Use the sameHawkDomainName used in hawkagent.cfg.

I know it may bestraightforward for most users but I think can be helpful for beginners :)

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